Supernatural Hunt - In the Dark

═════ SUPERNATURAL HUNT ════════
                          In the Dark
                      01 - 31 August

The first supernatural hunt shaped up well and got great feedback so far from merchants & hunters. :-)

Now I am doing it again!

Aeon Crystal will be asking merchants to create a gift which has a DARK and supernatural character.
This can include for example Demons, Half-Demons, Vampires, Wizards, Witches, Warlocks, Sorcerers and Magicians, Dangerous Mortals, Undead, Ghosts and spirits, Animalistic beings, Monsters, Zombies...

...and what else takes your DARK and supernatural imagination!

What is the supernatural?

What the organizer expects from you as merchant:

- Your gift has to be NEW and exclusive for the duration of the hunt, which means not sold or given away before or during the hunt! Preferably UNISEX or two gifts, one for men and one for women. It should be of equal quality from your regular items and represent your brand! Selling it AFTER the hunt is absolutely fine.

- You are in compliance with the hunt-requirements, which means that you are keeping conditions and     appointments (timelines). Please be advised now that non compliance will result in your store being dropped from the hunt.

What you can expect from the hunt-organizer:

- reliable organization
- easy to process requirements
- as much support as desirable
- best possible promotion
- aspiration towards optimization by gathering and implementing merchants feedbacks after each hunt
- I am an AHVG certificated hunt-organizer


Will there be more supernatural hunts in future?
Yes! Now that I got many positive comments from all sides, this hunt will most likely turn into a regular one!

So if you miss to participate this time, just keep trying your luck and apply to one of the sequencing ;-)




May 01 2011 - May 31 2011

Welcome Vendors & Hunters to the SUPERNATURAL HUNT - first edition.

Some of you might already know me from other hunts I worked for and organised in another hunt-group with over 1.000 members.These hunts got huge requests and brought lots of traffic for the participating vendors.
Now i decided to start my own hunting-group and I hope you join me on this journey.

This is my first hunt I will run with my new group "SUPERNATURAL HUNT" and I think you will be bewitched by it. I invite you to keep on reading and would love for you to let your influence give this hunt its spirit.

Aeon Crystal will be asking participating vendors if they would like to contribute something they have in mind when I say "SUPERNATURAL" and which is showing their supernatural creating skills ;-).
The Supernatural Hunts will be a selection of great gifts from the talented vendors participating in this hunt. THE THEME: -> Read more about <-

HUNTSIGN: All participating vendors have this Supernatural Hunt Sign outside their stores. It gives you Info about the hunt, a hunt-group invitation and the starting location if you touch it. 

HINTGIVER: The open glowing bottle next to the huntsign gives you a hint to the hidden supernatural bottles if you touch it. 

HUNT OBJECT: This is what you are hunting for. A closed purple supernatural bottle containing the huntgift. They will be hidden by the vendors in their stores.