Hunt-hints can be found here.
If you need help with hunt-hints, we recommend to join our in-world group!

...As a member of our group you are able to start live-chat sessions with the supernatural hunt group to ask anything about the hunt (except exact gift locations of course). Please use it discreetly and in preservation of public peace to get your infos. Important public announcements regarding the hunt will be send out via group-notices. You are also able to view past notices.

Have great group chat with other hunters and moderators helping out. Please remember when on the hunt do not shout out locations of the item, it is a hunt after all and that is the fun part trying to find it. ;-)

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to the hunt-group and tell them about the hunt. Hunting together can be even more fun! ;-)

 Link to join the Supernatural Hunt Group:

Since we are in the AHVG-group as approved hunt-organizer, you may also find help as  a member of the Associated Gridwide Hunters Group. For help in chat please state the Hunt Name & Number of the store you need.

If you have any problems on your hunting journey, please do not contact our hunt-vendors directly. Ask someone of the hunt-staff (Aeon Crystal or kittehcat Resident) instead.

Wait, this is your fist hunt? 

The Blog 'SL Freebie Hunters' made a pretty simple guide to get you started. You may have a look before you come back to hunt for the SUPERNATURAL. ;-)

SL Hunting for Dummies =) (External Link)

Some SIMS are marked as ADULT!
So be advised now that some stores may be on Adult sims and may require age verification or payment info on file to enter the sims. If you cannot enter a sim because of this then we cannot assist you with that.