Vendors: If you'd like to have your hunt gifts shown on one of our featured blogs, you may contact the blogger of your choice . Our featured blogs are listed below.

~ It is important to name the folder with your store name, hunt name (Supernatural Hunt) and the date.
~ Please include a notecard with the following information: name of the item, a photo (if possible), a landmark, where this item is accessible to readers, and any other important information.
Official Supernatural Hunt Bloggers:

Shayariel Teardrop:

Shay runs a blog where she shows things she likes in SL, such as clothes, skins, poses and furniture.
Freebies as well as non-freebies and great deals.
She puts a lot of her time and passion into her blog and what is most important, she is a nice person! :-)

Clicquot Oh:

I wear what I like -

"I moslty do hunts and houses occasionally fashion."

Other Hunt Bloggers:

FairyKiss Delicioso - Kingdom Phantasia
Dreamer Pixelmaid - Dreamer's Virtual World
Carson Caiben - Fab Free

Fluxa Core - The yardsale box
Halfwraith Caerndow (Pips Galatea) - Pips Freebie Fantasy in SL
Venus Nurmi - Mind Games

Bloggers: If you would like to become a Supernatural Hunt blogger which is listed here and features our Hunts on their blog, please contact Aeon Crystal in world and write a Note card with your SL-Name, Bloginfo and Blog-address and name it "Supernatural Hunt Blogger App".
Note: Your blog should not be less than 3 months old.