Store  ~  HINT:

Dark Vision  ~  Warning! Zombie Alert
AMAZING CREATIONS  ~  i do not like being naked so i am going to shopping.........
Leonine Fantasy Avatars & Accessories  ~  We have a hint giver.
AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS  ~  "i adore color and logo so find me there"
AdelleArts Manor Fashions ~   Spirits can give you a coughing fit!!!
Raven's Heart  ~  One dark one light, but the dark one holds the answer?
Pretty Kitties  ~  What is your mission?
X-Clusives Animations  ~  "In the INTERLUDES ROOM, please don't miss A supernatural prize takes a VAMPIRES KISS"
T R I D E N T  ~  Where tentacles emerge into the world,your prize hides"
T R I D E N T Jewelry  ~  "The goddess of Wisdom stands guard on your prize"
LnL Square  ~  Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!
Athy Designs Furniture  ~  "Find The Red Rose Candle Your Prize is On The Mantel I'ts On This Floor In The Store"
Les sucreries de Fairy   ~ I'm with tip jars and greeters :)
BagLady Design  ~  All you need is Love
The Elegant Goth  ~  We change our hint often, please use the hint giver at the main entrance.
2KILL4  ~  CELTIC LOVE  its has a real nice RING to it  : ) 
Faerycat Design  ~  Our hint is 'Roll the dice and see where they land.'
Imagine Flowers and Garden  ~  Under the eternal flame
BelDimi Gestures ~   Darkness Within
<GC> ХОРОШИЙ ОДЕЖДА (good clothing)  ~  Freerunners Rule!
ACCentaury  ~  "He drew a long puff on his cigarette"
Think Kink  ~ You should search the store, toppe and bottom
Virtual Textures  ~  Hint giver available at the store near the landing point on the Hunts & events wall.
Grumble  ~  Birds of a feather flock together
[Eat Paste]  ~  I've heard tales about a spooky ghost that has a love for soda.
Clarity Creations   ~ "Please look at the pictures in the store"
enLightened  ~  The Baron has the answers you seek.
Background Check  ~  Rub my belly.
The Jewellery Exchange  ~  The Aztec's believed in the supernateral and so did their king 'MOCTEZUMA'!
The Sacred Flame Garden Center  ~  I didnt know Irisses have beards too!
The Sacred Flame Flower Boutique  ~  A Mother in Laws tongue is a Supernatural phenomena of its own!
Odds & Ends Fire Beach Designs  ~  i feel at home here amongst the zombies, voodoo dolls and scarecrows!
~Lantian~  ~  Please click the "Hints" crate near the rez-point. :)
[Revenant]  ~  "Aren't you sick of Flowers yet?"
-=[ Ais Ink Tattoo ]=-  ~  Don't scald your fingers
Shirt Shop  ~  I can see by the light
SR Leatherwerkx  ~  Hint will be in the Hint Prim next to the Hunt Sign
Mae Fairy Tale  ~  Hintgiver at board after door teleporter
Bound & Bitten  ~  Sparkly vamp and his damsel in distress
Sugar and Cyanide  ~  I tried to sweep him under the rug...
Drakke Designs  ~  No you can't fly in them but you sure will look good trying.
Shade Designs  ~  Seek out the sexy Demoness, she will guide you to the prize...
MadPea Store & Interactive Games  ~ Beware the Nephilim for they see all.
Tree House Treasures  ~  please see hint giver fgor the lastest hint :)
..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS  ~  So many Sunflowers around me
Xenian Furniture  ~  Up, up and awaaay!
Wicked Needs  ~  I think that I shall never see, a prize as lovely as a tree ...
RVi Design  ~ Did you know the Queen is a witch? Find her secret tower but be careful, don't fell in the trap!
Brandy's Boutique  ~  Fabulous and Free
Campalicious!  ~  She's hot stuff!
;;; CERO STYLE ;;;  ~  i need to be formal!!
!-[LoveFactory]-  ~  Genie is asking a crystal ball for hints?!
Kingdom Phantasia and DeS Empire ~   Queen Fairy loves flowers and books!
PNP: Props N Poses  ~ Dinner is served.
Amulet ~  Did you look under his big tail?
Raven's Heart  ~  One dark one light, but the dark one holds the answer?
[VENUS]  ~  Use the Hintgiver on the Huntsign.
Darkfold Designs  ~  Hey there dont worry im not hiding too far, i'm just sitting here posing in my Fury (Predator) sportscar! ***
~PixyStix~  ~  I smell....cupcakes!!!!!
Razorblade Jacket  ~  Broken

[BedlaM]  ~ Store hint giver near sign
DemotiK ~ Like Harry I spend allot of time here
!BUBBLES! ~  dont scald your fingers

Hunt hints are also given directly from each stores by clicking the Supernatural Hint giver near the hunt-sign. Some stores might have their own hunt-hint givers, please watch out for them.

SNH3 Hintgiver

If you need help with hunt-hints, we recommend to join our in-world group!
Link to join the Group: http://world.secondlife.com/group/a5e82ca7-8201-d79e-841c-26e979c3089a